Welcome to the Bioconductor Workshop Galaxy

This instance is still prototypical and in active development. It runs on the Jetstream2 academic cloud, using NSF-ACCESS allocation BIR190004.

If you experience any issues, please email us at workshop@bioconductor.org!

Get ready to explore a variety of tutorials and enhance your skills!

Before getting started, a few useful facts:

  1. These workshops are meant to be ephemeral. All data and progress is erased when a workshop is stopped.
  2. Each workshop represents an RStudio instance, tailored to the workshop content with pre-installed packages.
  3. Workshops are launched per participant, and can only be accessed from one active browser session at a time.
  4. DO NOT share your workshop URL (link) on any public forum (eg chat or social media), including in screenshots.
  5. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 2 RUNNING WORKSHOPS AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Additional workshops will be indefinitely queued until a running instance is stopped. You may access all launched workshops and stop them from the User menu.
  6. All workshops may be automatically stopped 12 hours after initial launch.

Please watch the following video which will introduce you to the basics of using the Bioconductor Workshop Galaxy platform!

You may also provide feedback anonymously via this form. Any feedback is appreciated, as we are just getting started with offering this platform.